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Virtual Annual General Meeting November 19, 2020 1pm to 4pm   > Registration

EACO holds various functions throughout the year for the benefit of its members, including presentations on industry related topics, annual members meeting, and the EACO Golf Tournament and Dinner. Our functions are designed for members to provide and receive input on current abatement issues.

EACO believes in members supporting members. EACO functions are a great place to network with others involved in the environmental abatement industry.

These functions also provide direction for EACO and the Board of Directors.

Members can also become involved in various EACO sub-committees such as Membership and Marketing, Mould, Health and Safety.



EACO’s Past President, Steve Fulford, holds IHSA’s Gil Samson Award presented to the Demolition Labour-Management Health and Safety Committee. Steve sits on the committee as EACO’s representative. The committee was honoured for its work including identifying the need to address occupational disease in construction and working with EACO to develop a guideline to standardize the content and format of a designated substance survey. Steve, as Chair of the DSS Committee, said “EACO is commended for its leadership in contributing to such an important industry initiative” as well he thanked the committee participants who volunteered their time to develop the guide which will be published later this year.



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